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Beach Tours

If you are planning a vacation to Myanmar and want to include some days for the beach getaway, your tour operator “Khin” can assist you with the advice based on your day’s availability and budget so that you get a perfect holiday with relaxing some days at the beach.

Many of Myanmar’s beaches are unspoiled and undiscovered, reminiscent of Thailand’s beaches 20 years ago. The best ones are along the shores of the Bay of Bengal and the Andaman Sea. These beaches face west, virtually guaranteeing great sunsets.

There are around 10 beaches in Myanmar some of which are Ngapali Beach, Mergui Archipelago, Chaung Tha Beach, and Ngwe Saung Beach.

Ngapali Beach – the best beach in Myanmar

Ngapali beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Asia. One can explore the suburb on bicycle or e-bike. You can do boat tour in the early morning along with the local fisherman to their villages and do a bit of snorkeling. A beautiful sunset view can be experience while soaking at the beach. A kayaking or if interested in scuba diving can be more thrilling. If you love photography then this one of the best destinations to capture unforgettable moments in your lens.

There is an elephant sanctuary with 3 elephants. You can fly over the beach with Oriental Ballooing Ngapali.

Ngwe Saung Beach

Ngwe Saung Beach is a long, sandy beach that covers more than 13 miles of the Myanmar coastline. Lined with luxury hotels at one end and inexpensive backpacker accommodation at the other, Ngwe Saung village is at the north end with restaurats and small shops. There is a local attraction called “Lover’s Island” which you can also go on foot at a low tide and at high tide you can make a snorkelling for a reasonable selection of fish. At 45 minutes’ drive from Ngwe Saung beach, there is an elephant camp where you can feed and ride elephants over the hills and through streams inside the camp. You can also go to Chaung Tha beach (70km – 2hours drive).

Chaung Tha Beach

It takes about 5 hours to drive from Yangon to Chaung Tha beach and is a small beach resort town that’s popular with locals and, increasingly, tourists. Most of the luxury hotels at the sea shore side while another side has the village and economy lodgings.

The waves can swell large enough to allow for a fun day of body surfing or tubing. The water however isn’t very clear so don’t expect snorkeling to be remarkable. You can visit to Pokala island by five-minute ferry ride to trek a bit through small secluded beaches, volcanic shoreline and dense jungle, a small village of wooden huts that house local fishermen and their families. A fishing trip can be offered in a group up to 5pax additionally an eight-hour guided jungle trek as well.

Mergui Archipelago

The southernmost archipelago with over 800 islands can offer you an exciting snorkeling trips and sunbathing at most beautiful unexplored beaches with picnic at the islands. You can go on islands Safari with one of the cruises overnighting closed to the Thai border which is 300 km north of Phuket. The nature paradise is on your own eyes to see and make you feel a great explorer. The best snorkelling places in Myanmar as well to see the extinct Moken or Salone people also called “Sea Gipsies”.

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