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Balloon Tours

Fly over Bagan 350$ (Standard Service)

Booking available for the period OCT 15, 2020 TO APR 10, 2021
Duration: 45 minutes

Fly over Inle Lake 300$

Booking available for the period NOV 5, 2020 TO MAR 15, 2021
Duration: 60 to 90 minutes approx.

Fly over Loikaw 250$

Booking available for the period DEC 15, 2020 TO JAN 31, 2021
Duration: 45 to 60 minutes approx.

Fly over Mandalay 350$

Booking available for the period 16th November 2020 until 28th February 2021.
Duration: 45 minutes to 1 hour

Fly over Ngapali Beach 350$

Booking available for the period 21st November 2020 until 15th March 2021.
Duration: 45 minutes to 1 hour

Terms & Conditions:

  • (1) Twelve passenger balloon in Bagan & a four or six passenger balloon in Mandalay, Inle Lake & Ngapali Beach, which will experience for a more exclusive, intimate and interactive flight.
  • (2) Passengers are advised to wear long trousers and long-sleeved clothing from 100% natural fibers.
  • (3) Two Any Passenger in excess of 125 kg / 280 pounds, or any passenger who requires the space in the basket for 2 passengers, will be required to book the extra space at the time of booking and pay a 100% surcharge of the ticket price. Failure to provide accurate information in advance could lead to the refusal of flight at the launch site, whereby no refund will be offered.
  • (4) Flights cancelled by Balloons over Bagan for safety reasons or as a result of unfavorable weather or operational difficulties will be refunded in full.
  • (5) Balloons over Bagan will not fly children under the age of 8 years. A child under the age of 16 years will only be flown if accompanied by a responsible adult, and the child is over 4’6” tall (or 137 cm).
  • (7) If you are feeling unwell, if you have any medical conditions or you might be pre-Safely
  • (8) Stow all phones, cameras, binoculars etc., do not have anything loose around your neck if you have long hair-please tie it up or tuck it away).
  • (9) Face backwards to the direction of travel.
  • (10) Hold onto the rope handles woven into the basket side-wall in front of you.
  • (11) Sit down on the seat.
  • (12) LEAN BACK against the basket padding, sit upright and do not lean forward.
  • (13) Place your feet flat on the floor with your toes away from the basket wall.
  • (14) The landing might be a series of bounces and the basket might lay on its side and drag along the ground until it stops.
  • (15) Stay in the LANDING POSITION until the Pilot tells you it is safe to move.
  • (16) In the unlikely event of an emergency – please follow the instructions given by the Pilot at all times.

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